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Singapore's No.1 Visitor Management Software

Our Visitor Management System is designed to help manage visitor data in your property or building. Record important data such as check-in and check-out time, visit purposes, residents expecting visitors, and others in a paperless manner.

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The Benefits of Visitor Management System

Singapore Visitor Management System
Singapore Visitor Management System

Improved Visitor Traceability

Know your visitors' check-in and check-out times digitally and seamlessly analyze the data any time.

Singapore Visitor Management System

Automated Data Recording

Our system automatically records and maintains visitor details including their IDs.

Singapore Visitor Management System
Singapore Visitor Management System

Simplified ID Card Printing

Our Visitor Management System allows you to generate visitor ID cards automatically without a hitch.

Singapore Visitor Management System

Optimized Visitor Management

Improve your visitor management procedures according to comprehensive analysis results.

The Main Features

Singapore Visitor Management System


Our system allows you to seamlessly monitor visitors' check-in and check-out times, visit length, and peak-time visits.

Singapore Visitor Management System


Improve security by allowing residents to register their upcoming guests through an instant visitor registration process.

Singapore Visitor Management System


Quickly find tenants that visitors are looking by their names, unit numbers, or company names.

Singapore Visitor Management System

Food Management and Preference

Provide a menu or amenities that your guests need when holding a meeting in your building.

Singapore Visitor Management System

Barcode/RIFD Integration

Increase security by identifying visitors using barcode / RFID scanners and cameras to take their photographs.

Singapore Visitor Management System


Get complete analytical data on your property visitors and customize reports based on your preferences.

Visitor Management System Integration

Barcode Management

Connect with the Barcode Management System to enable you to create a barcode/QR code on each visitor's identity card and track it more easily.

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Membership Management System

Simplify the membership registration processes for loyal visitors of your building with the integration of the Membership Management System.

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Event Management System

Integrate with the Event Management System to enable you to include your building visitors in the list of potential event participants you want to invite.

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Real Estate Management System

For optimal visitor as well as property management , integrate the Visitor Management System with the Real Estate Management System.

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Help Desk & Ticketing Management System

The Help Desk & Ticketing Management System can help you record and follow up on visitors' problems or complaints related to your building.

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Booking / Reservation Management System

Ease the visitor reservation process for your room or building facilities through the integration of the Booking Management System.

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Frequently asked questions about our software solutions.

We provide various types of support, from free consultations and blueprints to training and user manuals, ensuring that your software is running smoothly.
Our solutions are very comprehensive and designed for 15 industries. Our ERP system offers unlimited user licenses, therefore it can be used by everyone in your company at no additional cost.
We provide ready-made software that is continually being improved by our development team. However, our software can also be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.
Yes, our software has a mobile version to help you run your business better. Our mobile apps cover various functions, depending on the modules you are using.
EQUIP is web-based ERP software that can be run through internet on any mobile device via any web browser.
We use PostgreSQL database management system, which ensures data security and scalable performance to large numbers of simultaneous users.
We use Python, one of the most popular programming languages, for the development of our software programs.
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